Lyrical B!zarre Templates, Indyra and AUSHK’A&CO for CSR







Lyrical B!zarre Templates has some gorgeous dresses at Cosmopolitan Sales Room this round it was actually hard to choose out of them, they all are pretty colours and all very different designs and definately something you will want to slip in and see for yourself.  AUSHK’A&CO have these wonderful shoes available  also and the perfect colour to match my dress was right there on the hud with 3 different huds of colour to choose from and Indyra has some pretty bangle sets in a variety of colours called “peacock”.  MINA Hair also has a womans hair available this round that completed the whole look!

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Indecisive  Dress @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

A&CO-Stefany Extreme High Heels @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Peacock Bangle Stack- Tulip Wood @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

MINA Hair – Sophia @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

beauty by alaskametro<3 “Extreme Wing” eyeshadow – Flame


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