Cosmopolitan Sales Room 11th Aug



It’s almost spring and the days have been beautiful where I live in Australia and this jumpsuit would be the perfect thing to wear for this weather, but in SL we are lucky and can have any season we choose all year round and I love Spring with all the gardens out in bloom all the glorious colours of flowers and the most beautiful time to take walks in the garden.  

This jumpsuit by “Kiwi” and these gorgeous shoes in Cosmopolitan Sales Room from “Glow Designs” and these two wonderful garden items, the mini garden and cute lil garden bench are also available at CSR  this round and by the wonderful ppl at “Shutterfield”!!


.:Glow Designs:. Lux Heels v.1 Yellow @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Maxi Gossamer – Bangle – Lyra – Small – R

Analog Dog – aeris – light blondes

Shutterfield mini garden – shrubs @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Shutterfield summer garden seat – light @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room


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