OMG Stop Calling!



You know when you’re having one of those days where nothing goes right, and your phone wont stop going off and you just want to scream “STOP CALLING!!”, now you can with this pose by “Sup Poses” called “Stop Calling” hehehe.  There are 4 poses in the pack and it comes with a mobile phone prop.  There is time still to also grab this hot lil dress by “Aphrodisiac”, which is available in 6 colours and lastly Silly, Spoiled Whore has these awesome Slink high Pumps available in 3 variations of the colour pattern, all of these are still available for this round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room!!

*Aphrodisiac* Simply Summer Dress  Black @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

-SSW- Shib O3 Pumps Slink High Feet @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Sup Poses Stop Calling  @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Analog Dog –tantrum – RIGGED MESH  vanilla


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