Sneak peak as the circus comes to town….Cirque de Seraphim


It is just a few more days until the circus hits the Grid, Cirque De Seraphim is almost upon us!  Over 100 Creators are taking part of this wonderful charity event that is fundraising for the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), with Designers donating 50% minimum from one of their Exclusives for the event.  This is definately an event that you wont want to miss, knowing it is supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Cirque De Seraphim 6th November – 26th November

(LM coming soon)

One of the many Creators taking part is “double take”, with 4 Exclusives for the event, 2 static pose packs and 2 couple poses with a preview of “the juggler’s wife” above  🙂

outfit by Dirty Princess and bought on marketplace


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