When Winter hits SL, it is beautiful in so many places.  Snow falling everywhere, gorgeous Winter scenery surrounding us in so many wonderful places along with all the wonderful Winter fashions, but I hate to admit it I am over it all very fast.  I want to be able to go out to places to take pics again full of life and colour along with the wonderful fashions of Spring and the warmer months and now is that time of year yay!!  So many designers are starting to bring their wonderful Spring fashions to us all, sims are beginning to bloom and totally covered in white.  One of my wonderful sponsors “shine by [ZD]” has begun to release some wonderful Spring goodies, yet still staying warm as the days slowly heat up, with one of the items including what I think is one of my most favourite coat dresses I have ever worn in SL.  Fabienne is beautifully textured and made with the upmost attention to detail that “shine” is best known for.  So now is time to take a taxi to “shine by [ZD]” and find some of their wonderful Spring fashions they have available.

shine by [ZD] FABIENNE COAT DRESS sand @ Mainstore

[Entwined] Nora

-David Heather-Dolce Purse/A1/Black


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