Night Watch Gacha

Night Watch

The Epiphany is open and amongst the many cool items, is  Night Watch from .::Dead Dollz::.  The gacha has masks and  epaulettes and the Exclusive from redeeming your collected points is a gorgeous gown in black or nude (to be blog).

Redeeming points you ask??  The Epiphany has a very unique system: Players play on the machine as usual taking their chance with commons and rares but once they receive their prize they are given 2 options: open the box or redeem it. If they open the box they can keep the item, if they choose to redeem they exchange it for credit and the item disappears.

The credits they collect from redeeming the duplicates or unwanted prizes can be used to purchase the exclusive items each designer has created for the event.

.::Dead Dollz::.  Night Watch – Black Mask – RARE @ The Epiphany

.::Dead Dollz::.  Night Watch – Black Epaulette – RARE @ The Epiphany

.::Dead Dollz::.  Night Watch Gown – Black @ The Epiphany

Hair – [Entwined] Ivery


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