when the rebel yells…

when the rebel yells

Billy Idol – Rebel Yell

Truth has released a new hair called “Morgana”, with some awesome colour options available.  The hair is worn as two pieces (left and right) and a hud for each side.  Not only does the hud have you normal two pages of tones, but a third page with 12 ombres, thus making your colour options and possible mixes numerous.  Truth has also released a boobie crop top (made exclusively for Belleza sizes only) available in a variety of colours and 9 graphic options via a hud

TRUTH HAIR Morgana  @ Truth Mainstore (NEW)

TRUTH Flaunt Cropped Top @ Truth Mainstore (NEW)

Blueberry – Rene Pants @ Blueberry

Corvus : Black Combat Boot

~Shabby Cat – Lovelock Cuff (black)~

White Widow – Vertigo RARE 

White Widow taxi for awesome tattoos


TRUTH Flaunt Ad

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