Catwa’s Annie upgraded


Catwa's Annie

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This isn’t going to be so long as you can read most upgrade info on my blog I did a couple of days ago HERE, but more just a quick re-freshener and to address something I have heard many times about mesh heads and to squash it :p  Also for those who haven’t seen Sarah Catwa’s next release, I may have snuck a preview at the end of the blog (no release date for it yet, but likely to be in the next week some time, fingers crossed)

Please remember if you don’t like a head after purchasing it, that it is not a valid reason for a refund, demos of each head are made available for a reason.

Below is a pic of what you receive in your package, you will notice two heads a light version and an upgradeable version.  Unless you are intending to buy the animation activator then the light version is the ideal one to wear, but more on that below. 


What I have often heard from ppl, is that they don’t like mesh heads as they make everyone look the same TRUE, the minute you buy that head and put it on you look like all who did the same, but isn’t that where your own individuality comes into it? Where you make you, you!  From the skin you choose, to the make-up you wear to any accessories you may add such as beauty marks and piercings for example.  

Still a sceptic?  Look at the quick gif below, same head, all I have done is change the skin using Catwa’s free texture hud (available at the CATWA Mainstore) Annie as with all Catwa’s heads can look dramatically different from skin brand to skin brand.  Demos can be your best friends when making decisions.

To save textures, you simply wear it, click a square and save.

annie skin change

You also save all your make-up the same way, onto the main hud in its respective tab.


Annie activator


Annie Head Updates on 28th March 2016 V4.8:
The whole head has been recreated from scratch to be able to have the upgraded animations, so you shouldn’t expect the exact same copy of the older version of Annie V4.5. Old version will be included inside the new version’s pack just in case you would like to go back to it but it will NOT work with the new Add-On [Only for old buyers will get the old version, New vendor will not have the old pack inside it].

Mesh Updates:
-Added mesh inner eye corners Lacrimal, can be tinted/shown/hidden using Hair.Teeth.Neck HUD
-Ears changed

Animations Updates:
-All animations were re-modeled from scratch, they are all not the same old Annie meshes.
-Annie still has 9 animations, some of them are changed.
-OPTIONAL Upgrade Add-ON [For extra 280 Mix & match animations] is available for Annie  separate purchase and will work with Annie Head only!

HUDs Updates:
-Environment slider removed from main HUD
-RGB numbers should now change while choosing color from tint pickr
-Delete scripts button on animations HUD basic tab
-Animations have its own separate HUD now
-Basic tab on animations HUD will have the same features that was on the old main hud animations tab
-Some more buttons on the animations HUD with [?] sign beside each that explains what it does exactly
-Upgrade tab on the animations HUD will be inactive by default, can be activated buy purchasing an Activator Upgrade Add-On [For OPTIONAL extra 280 Mix & match animations]
-Only when getting the add-on, you can save your 18 favorite upper and lower animations as a preset on animations HUD Upgrade tab

Other Updates:
-Eyes AO, now it should not break when using poses or while dancing, once its switched on it will be on until switched off.
-Mesh eyes added to the pack
-Lipstick Secular is fixed

Annie Heads is available in two versions now:
1- Light None Upgradeable version
2- Upgradeable version
-The difference between those two versions are mesh count and scripting resulting in giving different rezzing time that all. The Light version should need less time to rez in as it doesn’t have any upgrade add-on meshes or scripts. So this can be useful for who doesn’t have the Add-on. If you have the add on the Light version will not work for you, so u need to use the Upgradeable version. Both versions should NOT be laggy, only rezzing time is not the same on both, once the head is rezzed, all the rest should be exactly the same for both versions.

The pics below haven’t been edited, but simply to show some of the cheeky animations :p 

Lets face it, it is a hell of a lot of fun to play around with, oh and Sarah is at the bottom, she is yummy!

CATWA HEAD Annie 4.8 [Upgradeable] @ CATWA Mainstore

CATWA HEAD Annie Vampire V4.8 [Upgradeable] @ CATWA Mainstore


TRUTH HAIR Cameo @ Truth Mainstore 

dress by Salt and Pepper (blog to come)

Skin L’etre Ivy @ Mainstore

Annie human

annie human 1

Annie human

annie human 2

Annie Vamp

annie vamp 1

Sarah…….coming soon!



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