Meet Catwa’s Sarah

Meet Catwa's Sarah

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Meet Sarah, the latest mesh head by Catwa.

The first thing in my opinion more noticeable are the facial features, especially her gorgeous  cheekbones, beautiful lashes and voluptuous lips.  

All the normal huds are included, the main head one for make-up/lashes etc., the hair/teeth/neck hud and of course the animator.  The animator hud this time has been divided into sections for the add-ons, with full face mood, lip mood and eye mood, along with the normal eye and mouth movement.  There is the normal 4 eye movements, but this time you are spoilt with 6 movements for the mouth.

 Catwa has very much considered the customer, with the intentions to allow you the customer, to purchase the choice of add-on/s you want, hence more cost efficient.  At the end of the blog is the chart with the breakdown of pricing.

Like all Catwa heads with add-ons, you have to first activate the hud for the add-on you have purchased.   Also if you own a Catwa head or have tried a Catwa demo before, you will notice the hud layout is different this time.  Gone are the two tabs and its all on one, with one side being default settings and the other side being your add-ons and save buttons.

Below I  have put a few pics showing the 6 mouth positions, a couple of gifs from the full face mood section and I have to say, the animations ran very smoothly.

Catwa’s heads just keep getting better and better, I find something with each new head that I love.  Now I am Sarahfied lol,and am sure you will find something you love about her too.

Please remember if you don’t like a head after purchasing it, that it is not a valid reason for a refund, demos of each head are made available for a reason.

Happy shopping 

(all the pics below are unedited)



hud layout


Mouth movements

mouths 1

mouths 2

full face mood




price breakdown


CATWA HEAD Sarah V4.8 @ CATWA Mainstore

skin – Rosie by L’etre

TRUTH HAIR Morgana @ Truth Mainstore 

Mesh body: Maitreya – Lara v3.5