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My Kawaii Collection by Dead Dollz

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My Kawaii Collection by Dead Dollz is Kiddos fun, fresh and pretty new offering available at Epiphany that opens today.  Consisting of a top, cardigan, skirt and the stockings being the rare and the pieces being available in pink, black, white and lilac.  The redeemable is a cute pair of short socks, hud driven for colours.

The Epiphany has a very unique system: Players play on the machine as usual taking their chance with commons and rares, but once they receive their prize they are given 2 options: open the box or redeem it. If they open the box they can keep the item, if they choose to redeem they exchange it for credit and the item disappears.

The credits they collect from redeeming the duplicates or unwanted prizes can be used to purchase the exclusive items each designer has created for the event.

Catwa has also released a new pretty and in my opinion younger, mesh head called Candy.  I think by now that most of you know about Catwas heads and Candy is like Sarah, being that you are able to buy the basic head for 900L and then the add-on packs of your choice.  I will do a separate, quick post for her soon. 

Dead Dollz 2. MyKawaiiTop – Black @ Epiphany

Dead Dollz 6. MyKawaiiCardigan – Pink @ Epiphany

Dead Dollz 10. MyKawaiiSkirt – Black @ Epiphany

Dead Dollz 13. MyKawaiiStockings @ Epiphany

(Gacha key below)

CATWA HEAD Candy V4.9 (New) @ CATWA Mainstore

Mesh body: Maitreya – Lara v3.5

Exile::The Evening Lights

Pose by Manifeste



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