The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster 1


Don’t forget Cirque De Seraphim is still on until the 26th, with so many goodies, props and poses to delight everyone!!

Cirque De Seraphim 6th November – 26th November

Kaithleen’s Tail Coat – Red  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Persefona Circus Hat (red stripes) no cards  @ Cirque De Seraphim

The Wicked Peach – Ringmaster Eye Makeup 1  @ Cirque De Seraphim

[Entwined] Ivery


MadPea Betty Baker Gacha  @ Cirque De Seraphim

MadPea Charlie Chimplan Gacha  @ Cirque De Seraphim

oOo Studio: Ringleader 1(7 poses inbuilt)  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Nantra’s Wheel of Death  @ Cirque De Seraphim

tarte. circus marquee  @ Cirque De Seraphim

tarte. repurposed unicycle  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Second Spaces – Big Top Backstage – strongman  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Second Spaces – Big Top Backstage – juggler  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Second Spaces – Big Top Backstage – barrels & stuff  @ Cirque De Seraphim

send in the clowns….

send in the clowns.... Snapshot_511

The circus has hit town with two of my fav things, elephants and clowns!  Cirque De Seraphim is in full swing and filled with so many goodies and a whole bunch of goodies kids will love as much as us big kids at heart adult :p .

Cirque De Seraphim 6th November – 26th November

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Sweater :: ACHILLE :: Black V.3 (cutest of cute elephant sweater) @ Cirque De Seraphim

Bokeh – Trunk Me On Necklace ‘all colors’  @ Cirque De Seraphim

Apple May Nemesis Pants – Black

(r)M~Shoe”UggStyle Boot”~No.07

[Entwined] Ivery @ We ❤ RP.


.*Paper Flowers*. Circus Play Tent! @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Mango Cheeks} Take Flight: Baby [light] @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Mango Cheeks} Take Flight: Mint [light] @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Mango Cheeks} Take Flight: Lilac [dark] @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Cat Circus~ Blacky} set .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Cat Circus~ Ryuk } set .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Cat Circus~ Nahza } set .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. @ Cirque De Seraphim

{Cat Circus~ Maru} set .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. @ Cirque De Seraphim

Little Moments-Clowning Around (rezz-TD version)@ Cirque De Seraphim

off key…

off key



The time we spend together with our loved ones is prescious…..they are captured moments and when you can learn the most wonderful and amazing things about each other…….today I decorated our tree with my partner Dex and I learnt somethin about him……..omg he so sings off key soooo bad…pushes my finger in a lil deeper…..turns and reassures him “it is ok baby, the neighbours cant hear”

“Aphrodite Shop & Heart Homes” have wonderful items to adorn your home this season, including this couples xmas tree.  It has a bunch of poses and props in it and yes including under the “singing” tab, one called off key :p   They also have another tree which is a family one and has the option for a child to sit with their parents!  When the tree is done and the gifts are wrapped, you can settle down in their Living Room setting, with your loved ones and all of these wonderful family xmas items are available still in the current round of Cosmopolitan Room….Tis the season is almost upon us!

 Cosmopolitan Room

“Glowing Warm Christmas” Couple Living Room  v1.0

(please note with the Living Room there is a decorative fireplace in the set also included which I havent used)

<Heart Homes> Christmas Couple Tree 

we’re closed and ::CA:: @ CSR

we're closed and CA @ CSR

Don’t forget it is birthday round at Cosmopolitan Sales room and in celebrations we’re closed has this beautiful cloth chair with 8 Male, 9 Female and 5 couple poses built into it it for 200L and ::CA:: has this gorgeous lingerie set called Berthe

::CA:: Berthe *Black* Slink Physique Applier @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

::CA:: Berthe *Black* Ribbon @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

[we’re CLOSED] cloth chair multi stripe @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 2 white @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1

TRUTH HAIR Neria @ Mystic Realms Faire

Gorgeous Camilla from shine by [ZD] @ Vintage & Cool Fair

Gorgeous Camilla by shine by [ZD] @ Vintage & Cool Fair

 Vintage & Cool Fair is open and shine by [ZD] brings you elegance and grace in this Exclusive for the fair, gorgeous two layer dress called Camilla.  My picture does not do justice to how beautiful it is and the love that has been put into designing it and is available in blue, cream, linden and rose

Vintage and Cool Fair 10th-24th 

shine by [ZD] CAMILLA MESH VINTAGE DRESS cream @ Vintage & Cool Fair


Lazuri Classic Pearls Long – Matching Drop Earrings

Lazuri Heritage Pearl Bracelet 2

Elegance, grace a true